Words That Are Spoken

The words of our mouth that we release,
they go on forever, they never cease.
Like the down of a thistle that is by the wind blown,
what will be the harvest of that which is sown?
How many hearts
have been broken by words which were spoken?
How many spirits are distraught?
How many wars have been fought?
Because of words which were spoken.
How much would we give, that our lives we could relive
and call back words that were spoken.
Let us not be deceived,
words cannot be retrieved.
They are turned loose in the world,
By the wind they are hurled.
“Ah alas”,
words that are spoken.
The results that we see are only a token–
Then let us put a strong guard at the door,
that poisonous seed be sown no more.
And let us sow seeds that bring life,
and not sow the seeds of death and strife.
For no matter what I may seem to be,
the words that I speak are the real me.
                                                                                                 –By Everett S. Poe
“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”
Luke 6:45
The poem above was written by an old friend who has been in Heaven many years now.
I like to review this choice bit of poetic admonition and wisdom now and then.
–Pastor Don Foster, Sr.