He Said “I Will Build My Church”

Pastor in Myanmar Casts Demons Out of Buddhist Chief’s Son, Bringing Entire Village to Christ”
A local government communications agency in China recently held a seminar to discuss with Communist Party members the “enormous harm” Christianity is to the atheist nation and identify ways to stunt its growth.
Fenggang Yang, a professor of sociology at Purdue University’s Center on Religion and Chinese Society, estimated in 2017 that there are anywhere from 93 million to 115 million Christians in a nation of over 1.3 billion people, reports the South China Morning Post. It’s estimated  China is on track to have the largest Christian population in the world by 2030.
The above quotes were taken from this website: www.gospelherald.com/world
We need to be aware of two things that I think of just now in the situation we are in:
1. There is fierce anti-Christian persecution in many parts of the world, and we see it rapidly seeking expression in our nation.
2. Jesus said, “I will build my Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”. He is doing that in a powerful way all over the world, in the face of deadly opposition. We have known freedom of worship here in the U.S., and perhaps have come to equate such as a necessity for church growth. We may be losing that privilege, I pray not, but at any rate we must know that the Church triumphant will survive and overcome, not by the permission of governments, but by the Power of Christ, in faithful witnesses. When the smoke clears the Church will be here, the world system gone!
–Pastor Don Foster, Sr.